HopTkmdeiHdCCAXT0vBJUWYdnFtn2XkmyWm5Un6pDoo,bd8yQ8ESyX4OIy9xuxdh7hDTN5HCE-oAaUkKSw473FUAlong with her life-long love of movies, Mary Henry has extensive experience in business, government and finance and a passion for American history and historic preservation. After graduating from Occidental College, she was lucky to begin her professional career working for then Arizona State Senator Sandra Day O’Connor who proved to be an excellent role model. Pursuing her interest in history, Mary moved to Boston and worked for Mayor Kevin White witnessing the beginning of Boston’s transformation from a worn down, troubled city into today’s world-class metropolis.

Mary left government to attend Harvard Business School, graduating with an MBA, and as a Vice-President at Merrill Lynch, worked with state and local governments to finance housing and low-interest rate mortgages. Mary has also served as Treasurer and Board member of the New York Junior League, on the Board of the Trevor Day School Parents Association and the Early Childhood Development Center of New York, usually acting in a financial and/or fundraising capacity.

Mary would like to thank her husband, the incomparable Howie Rubin, friends and colleagues for their support of The American Side. Twenty years ago she made a successful investment in her first movie Federal Hill and is confident of a repeat with The American Side, a suspenseful thriller that combines her love of a great story with the historic city of Buffalo and Niagara Falls.



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