At the heart of the story is the mysterious nature of science and the scientific mind. The plot revolves around a lost design by the man many consider the greatest inventor of any age – the tragically overlooked  Serbian-American scientist,
Nikola Tesla.

Tesla spent significant time in Buffalo at the turn of the century and through the early 1900‘s, designing a power plant at Niagara Falls. He electrified Buffalo at the Pan American exhibition, beating out Thomas Edison in the famed “War of the Currents.”

In 1942, Tesla dies penniless in the New Yorker Hotel. Immediately after his death was reported, government representatives seized all of Tesla’s belongings, though multiple accounts suggest some papers and devices were missing. A broad search was indeed conducted by the FBI throughout New York City to find any documents and artifacts relating to Tesla.

To this day, Tesla’s ideas and designs are studied by the most forward-thinking scientists and engineers. A fact-based, speculative account of how a newly discovered, revolutionary invention of Nikola Tesla’s could affect the world was the perfect inspiration for this contemporary noir.



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