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“Harnessing the locations and letting the patina shine through allowed us to utilize long lenses, in-camera effects, and create an atmospheric lighting scheme reminiscent of the best of Hitchcock and 70’s conspiracy thrillers. Contrasting the rust-belt weariness with the lushness of mansions built for leading industrialists of the 1890’s helped to reflect the gritty and off-kilter world…”

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The Hollywood Reporter

“The MacGuffin, that perennial staple of Hitchcock and film noir, returns to the screen in Jenna Ricker’s thriller set amid the unlikely backdrop of Buffalo, New York. Starring Greg Stuhr as a low-rent private-eye who stumbles onto a conspiracy involving long-lost technical designs by famed scientist Nikola Tesla, The American Side is a loving homage that should be of particular interest to film buffs who can play spot the references.”


Salt in Wound

“Spare and gritty, The American Side is modern noir with a sharp comic twist… the most exciting visuals and action sequences are saved for the end, giving the film a very satisfying arc. Kudos to Ricker and Stuhr for shaking up the genre with smarts and wit. They take a Niagara Falls thriller and slowly turn it, step by step, into something really worth watching.”



Woodstock Film Festival

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2014 Woodstock Film Festival: Filmmaker Interviews part II- Filmmakers from the 2014 Woodstock Film Festival talk about their experience at Woodstock, and what it means to be “fiercely independent.”

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Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 8.36.09 PMWomen Directors Make Their Voices Heard by Deborah Medenbach

“If the fortunes of film investors seem to rely on telling profitable stories over again through countless remakes (how many “Spiderman” films are there?), these women directors bypass retelling stereotypical female stories by offering more nuanced roles, such as Ricker’s government agent in the noir film The American Side.”



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